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Reviews Chiropractor Marietta 

“Dr. Barnett is such a nice person. My wife does yoga there and loves it.”

“Dr. Laurelyn surprised me with care that was not just above average but excellent. Her knowledge and attention to detail has helped me over the past 6 months to have many fewer days where I think about needing additional treatments. I would highly recommend her.”

“Dr. Barnett is wonderful! She has worked with my kids on sports injuries, helped me with back and knee issues and found a way to help my husband workout the issues in his shoulder. Some Chiropractors seem to want create big bills and get you to come back on a schedule. Dr. Barnett just says come when you need me and always works to make sure that our health comes first. She really seems to know how to manipulate the spine to give whole body health and healing. I have and will continue to recommend her.”

“I have been going to Chiropractic At The Lighthouse for over a year now, and am very happy with this place. I get adjustments and massages regularly by Laurelyn (Dr.Barnett) this has helped and made the world of difference with my back problems!! The location is easy to get to, office has relaxing vibes, nice staff, and overall a wonderful place :)”

Dr. Laurelyn Barnett D.C.
Practicing in Marietta for over 10 years. Located near 120 Loop and Lower Roswell across from the Sewell Mill Library and Cultural Center.
Chiropractor Marietta, GA