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Techniques and Services

In our office, patients can experience a variety of safe and gentle techniques that promote healing and health.

Activator Method®

Marietta Chiropractor Dr. Laurelyn Barnett

The Activator is gentle and safe for everyone.

Gentle and safe for everyone, the activator instrument is calibrated to deliver a light, fast thrust to the spine. It’s so quick that the body doesn’t have time to tighten and resist the adjustment. Dr. Barnett began practicing the Activator Method® while still in school eight years ago. She has watched the transformation of many under her care occur in a short time with long-lasting effects. She also will perform an Activator analysis that determines where the subluxation is. read more»

For those patients who want to know what the Activator feels like before actually getting an adjustment, Dr. Barnett will use the Activator on their hand to show a patient just how gentle it is. She shows her patients everything she is going to do so patients feel completely comfortable.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser is a painless light wave that increases the self-healing of your cells. When the light photons are absorbed by the cell’s mitochondria, increased production of “cell energy” called ATP happens. With increased energy from the laser, and increased electrical activity from adjustments, cells can repair and replace themselves faster. Faster cell repair means faster healing from injury (old or new), surgery and many other conditions.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage offers many benefits to the body. At Chiropractic at the Lighthouse LLC, therapeutic massage is used in conjunction with adjustments. It focuses on the part of the body that’s in pain and other related areas. read more>>

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